Truly symbolizes the luxury Service  
We all work with group and how we work with guest is central to our sense of fulfillment. More and more we understand the dimension of human resources in deeper and which is more significant to the hospitality. Our Staffs Possess and are trained for Personal Development skills, which makes a real contribution to the success of the organization. Bringing a supportive and friendly atmosphere for the guest is the way of our Hospitality.
Faciities In Conference Hall                Arrangements in Banquet Hall
Sound systems   
Slide projections   
Birthdays Parties
Video conferencing system 
Corporate Parties
Engagement Parties
Fax machines  
Anniversary Parties etc.,
Whether a formal event or informal event, we set a pleasant atmosphere all around. When it’s time for leaving, you will carry with you not just a feeling of having concluded a successful conference, but also the wonder that remains after the most fascinating experience.